Wytwórnia Broni Jacek Popiński (WBP) is an independent privately-owned manufacturing company with its premises in Rogów, Poland. Our manufacturing facility maintains a fully equipped workshop for manufacturing, maintenance, repair and upgrade of small arms.

Our core business is the production of 7.62x39mm and 5,56x45mm/.223 Rem. assault rifles both in semi-automatic and full-automatic mode. We serve customers from around the world including militaries, law enforcement, contractors, security agencies and civilian clients. Our know-how allows us to design and develop our own parts and accessories that modify and improve the AK platform.

Currently WBP hires over 80 highly trained staff, including engineers, designers, CNC operators and assembly workers. We are the only privately-owned small arms manufacturer in Poland with such production, assembly and storage capacity.

WBP posseses licenses and certificates required by the Polish Ministry of Interior to manufacture, store and trade arms. We are also working under the auspices of an Internal Control System and ISO ensuring that all our practices and procedures are compliant with the highest standards.


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